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I am – Throwback Gwen Stefani’s STD of the Day


These pictures are a week old, but they are uploaded on my server, and being the lazy fuck I am, I decided to post them. I am pretty excited for you all to dis me and tell me how other sites had these up last week and how I am so behind the game on celebrity paprazzi pics and shit. I figure if you care enough to hate me I am doing the right thing.

Now, how fresh is this baby, cuz LAZY Stefani hasn’t lost her baby weight. I wonder if she’s gonna end up like the fat bitch who works at the WalMart by my house. That bitch was stripping back when she was 20, by 25 she had two babies, by 28 she weighed 300 lbs, by 30 she’s a cashier at Walmart. True story, now tell your friends.

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