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I am – Bai Ling Topless Screen Caps of the Day


These are from a movie called Edmond. The reason I looked that up is because all you cunts rip into me for posting OLD topless pics, and this is my way of saying that I know they are fucking old and just look at them, you fucking cunt. I don’t give a fucking shit if they came out today or if they came out in the ’70s, because they are new to me, and this site is all about me. Having you 4- 12 daily readers is nice when I imagine our get together and realize how affordable it will be, but that’s not the point. The point is why is knowing everything about celebrity nudity your fucking obsession, and why do people like me posting older pics offend you for not being up to fucking speed. It makes me wonder what your daily life consists of. I am thinking you stay up late playing videogames, sleep most of the day, surf the net most of your evening, until your mom calls you up out of the basement for dinner she made you. After dinner you may or may not have cybersex with your girl who lives in the midwest, who you plan on marrying one day, and you are 30. Either way, this isn’t about you, it’s about Bai Ling and she looks like a fucking dude. I really have no interest in seeing her dick she calls her clit. I think hormone therapy is the thing to do if you are a small penised asian. That’s why trannies are huge in Thailand. Cuddles.

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