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I am – The Hilton Sisters Together of the Day


Nicky Hilton looks like she’s been eating Paris’ weight in ribs and potato salad at the Hilton family BBQ. Maybe she’s depressed that she’s the “OTHER” sister and emotionally eating her way to the top of daddy’s list of favorites. But I have a theory that she’s a spare sister. They fatten her up in preperation for any organ transplant Princess Paris may need. Like the kidney transplant she’s going to have done when hers crap out from having too many Urinary Tract Infections. Someone told me you get those from going vadge to anal and back to vadge, which is something I used to do on the regular, but I never kept the girls around long enough to find out if they scored some inexpensive treats from our romantic encounters. I would however like to say that the Hilton kidney transplant joke fucking sucked, even if Paris does have a lot of UTI’s, I’ll save the sci-fi/clone/pod talk for you Virgins. Paris is the hotter sister and should be allowed to do whatever she wants, even if it includes infection. Right? Right! Now go fuck yourself and dream about the day you give a slag a UTI, but don’t expect it to ever happen, Virgin…..

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  • Jon

    yo wazzup… i just wanted to say that my opera is crashing when I click on the pics… are you using some js or something?