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I am – Heather Mills Has One Leg of the Day


So Heather Mills steps on a land mine, blows off her leg and now she’s driving around Beverly Hills in a convertible PT Cruiser, possibly the ugliest fucking car on the market, like she’s got a full set of working legs. Stepping on the land mine was probably the best business decision this bitch could have made without even realizing it. She was a nothing model before the accident. After the accident she had a reason to be in the public eye, she had a cause, she was no longer the slag in the sex-ed photoshoot, now she was a survivor and a hero trying to change the fucking world. Lucky for her Sir Paul was an amputee festishist, married the bitch despite what his family wanted and now she’s entitled to 1/2 his 500,000,000 dollars after being married to him for 5 years. I don’t even think this cunt was around when the Beatles first hit the scene, but is going to be living off their success for the rest of her one-legged life. That’s how fucked up the world we live in is….

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