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I am – Sophia Bush Goes to the Bathroom of the Day


I don’t think this bitch warrants the attention that we are giving her, mainly because I didn’t know who she was before I watched the Teen Choice Awards last night. If you are wondering why I watched the teen choice awards, it’s pretty simple, I get 4 channels on my TV giving me limited options, but more importantly, because I love knowing what teens are thinking/voting on, to keep my finger on the pulse of pop culture. It also helps me pick up 14 year old hot girls at the local arcade/movie theatre. Girls are smarter these days and totally see through the whole “I run a model agency, here’s my card”. Bringing up Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson usually gets them excited enough to go out for ice cream with you. Anyway, Sophia Bush is barely famous enough to be noticed walking down the main street of your home town that has a population of 500 people, all your cousins. Meaning no one really gives a fuck about her. I am only posting these pictures because I find bathroom breaks funny enough as is, throw in a c-list celeb and a romantic hand holding walk from the car to the bathroom and I’ve got a post for the day. Not a very good one, but a post nevertheless…


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