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I am – Anastacia in a Bikini 4 years ago of the Day….


Anastacia is some David Hasselhoff of a singer who is from here but famous on the other side of the world and these are old pictures of her in a bikini. The same dude who sent in the 4 year old Atomic Kitten pics sent these into me. I guess he’s cleaning out his hard drive and since my celeb paparazzi source is fucking boring today, I figured I’d make all you perverts happy with some dirty russian name sounding ass.. Speaking of Rats, Here’s MUNG’s Latest Post on being a Lab Rat….I only know that because that’s the subject line in the email, it’s not like i’d every read his smut, but you will. Cuddles.

It’s Friday and I am fucking bored out of my fucking mind. I am trying to think of plans for this weekend, but I have none. Usually my weekend involves a bucket of KFC, a 6 pack of “Yankee Jim”, and 6 or 7 vigorous masturbation sessions to the newest PornoTube videos dispersed in between marathon sessions of PS2. No wonder I am a 27 year old “born-again virgin” who lives in his parents basement. My life is sad. More sad than every reader on this site. Just when you think your life sucks, call me and I will be sure to make you feel better about your life, by telling you a story about mine. I should never have quit my job at A&W. My lifelong dream of becoming a professional blog poster just doesn’t pay well enough and I am not seeing any fortunes in the near future. The only way I am able to make money is to become a drug testing lab rat. So in hopes of becoming rich, I have decided that every Friday I will try a different drug and then post about it on this website the following morning or afternoon (whenever I wake up). This weekend’s drug of choice will be “hash oil”. The only reason that “hash oil” is the drug of choice this weekend is because my hippy friend Patterson stopped by and dropped some off for me this morning and I had to get it on spot because I only have $3.00 dollars to my name. So tonight, I will smoke the entire 20 dollar vial to myself and I will write a post about it tomorrow morning (or afternoon) whenever I decide to drag my overweight ass out of bed. If all 6 of you think this is a good idea, then leave your comments here and let me know. As the weeks progress, the drugs will get harder, the stories will be funnier, and I will be one step closer to killing myself and making all of you readers happier.



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