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I am – Victoria Beckham Nipples of the Day


These are some brand new Victoria Beckham Nipples for the day. Because all the lame sites were writing about her “fake” nip slip yesterday, and unlike virgin’s, I don’t zoom into ULTRA HIGH QUALITY pics, looking for a little areola to get off to. I wait for the nipple to smack me in the face like in these pictures. I guess bitch is striving to get some male attention because when your husband is a poofter it’s hard to feel desirable or sexy. Nothing a little sheer top won’t change. I could cum to titty back in 1990, but I’m so desenitized I can’t even get it up anymore. Speaking of not getting it up scroll past the Beckham pics for MUNG’s post of the day. He’s like the credits at the end of the movie. Only the losers read them.

BONUS: Beckham’s Mom and Fat Sister. I Guess when growing up, she was the Ball and He was the Player

And Now Mung:

Today must be my birthday. I am pretty sure my birthday was 3 months ago, but apparently not. I could have sworn that 3 months ago I was wearing a birthday hat, sitting on perverts row alone with a Strawberry Daquiri in hand, watching a pregnant toothless indian dancing to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin”, but apparently not. You see, the reason I think it is my birthday today is because I opened my e-mail and found these little gems. Now usually Christina doesn’t do much for my pathetic excuse for a child’s penis because she normally looks like an abused hooker on meth, but these pictures made my testicles tingle and my underwear sticky. I have decided to print these photos out and post them on my headboard, that way when I am making love to the hole in my mattress that I packed with lean ground beef, it will sorta feel like I am making sweet passionate love to her beaten up mickey mouse club vagina.

Happy Birthday to me. Now go fuck off.


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