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I am – Lily Allen is a Ditch Pig of the Day


Has this bitch hit the USA yet? Some dude sent me the album months ago and since I don’t have a TV, I’ll never know. I think a lot of ppl are listening to her shitty music and she’s becoming famous and making money. That upsets me. I know that this heffer is just going to get bigger and bigger, until her head is too big for her fat ass, but that’ll take a while considering her ass has a pretty healthy head start.

I am happy that she’s the type of person who is so fucking busted that no one bother’s asking her for an autograph or stops to say hello or freaks out screaming like she was New Kids on the Block in China back in ’90, because I hate her. The only person who actually gives her any attention is some Paparazzi motherfucker who is just trying to make some money for the day to buy his baby some formula, and she’s the only famous person around, and this cunt is giving him the finger. I guess she wants to pretend that she’s so annoyed of the constant harassment in trying to save celebrity face. It’s would probably work against her to show her real excitement, like a kid who’s just been reunited with his deadbeat dad after he ran out on the family 20 years ago. Or like when you land a pussy and bring her home, you can jump up and down thanking god for making this happen, but the second bitch sees that, she’ll be fucking her way out your front door and to some other booty call’s house.

If you are wondering why I hate her, it is because she’s too ugly to be successful and like all fat bitches pretending to be wanted by all the boys and how she rejects them, or publically saying her ex boyfriend who cheated on her’s got a small dick, in her songs is all very transparent. She’s just a sad fat ugly girl no one ever noticed and the only guy she ever got was with her cuz she was a better option than rubbing one out. All he had to do was call and pretend that he cared.

I have written too much on this whore.

Here She is Dressed Like a Clown…

Here’s a Song Called Shame For You, It’s About How A Dude Cheated on Her and How It’s His Loss, Like When a Talentless Freak Tells Simon on American Idol – That She’ll Be Famous and He’ll Be Kickin’ Himself.

Here’s a Song Called Littlest Thing About How Happy She Was Before She Found Out She was a Fat Booty Call and when she Thought He Really Loved Her…

Here’s a Song Publically Outting her Ex-Bfs Shortcomings in the Bedroom. I Guess That’s The Best Type of Revenge to Help Heal a Wounded Bird. I call This THe Fat Chick Anthem for the Year. Not dick is big enough for a girl with a huge cunt.

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