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I am – Kimmy Stewart Pisses People Off of the Day

Another star has sent in a little blurb on Kimmy Stewart. I feel like I have said all I have to say about this bitch and it gets fucking repetitive for me, so my friend Kerne sent in a little something on kimmy stewart. It made me laugh and since this is my site, I am posting it.

Ps Kerne knows hot bitches and introduces me to them all the time. So if those hot bitches are reading this…Hey Ladies…wanna make out?

Now here’s Kerne’s post…

any man that wears purple is a fag. if youre gonna pay some douche bag to be your boyfriend make sure sucking dick isnt on his list of things to do.

poor kimmy, when will she ever get her dues. her dad hates her, paris hates her, her stylist hates her and now this.if hes in for the fame and money, hes barking up the wrong bush. anybody that has to resort to hanging out with tara reid is not someone that can make you famous.i can make you famous and i wont embarass you by wearing purple.

take those shitty ass extenstions out. horse hair is not hot. paris should not be your idol. stop trying to be her. do something differnt. be a brunette. dont be a slut. hire rachel zoe. she did wonders for lindsay and nicole and she can do the same for you. start doing coke.i can barely see the bones in your back. anorexia lands you the cover of us weekly. fucking fags gets you the hiv.

get your priorities straight. haha, that was funny. point is a man is known by the company he keeps. you kimmy have no company, so no one gives a fuck about you. your invited to parties for the same reason they invite the waiters. you are the hired help. you clean up the coke tray like no other. even lindsay has her limits. look where she is now. dating one of the richest kids in america.

my question to you is: what do you do? what is your purpose in life? what are your goals? when is your album coming out? sucks that paris beat you to the punch. bitch you just got screwed. theres only so much i can do. take it or leave it. if you like where your life is right now then by all means stay on the d list but vh1 will not give you your own show. just like you, im counting down the days until rod croaks. if you continue this he might pull an aaron spelling, clean up now or you’ll be left serving assholes like me at the ivy when you get your first job as a hostess. dont expect a tip.

He forgot to mention the most important thing which is that Kimmy Stewart looks like daddy ran over her face with one his Rolls Royces between fucking models while ripping lines and writing shitty music when she was a baby. She seems to have grown into her deformities and I don’t just mean her tennis ball titties…

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