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I am – stepINTERVIEW with a Myspace Girl in a Bikini of the Day


This girl messaged me asking me to make her famous, since she had pics of herself in a bikini, I decided to go along with it. Here are the boring questions I asked her, because I figured if I started asking her to describe her box and tell me what the weirdest thing she stuck in it was, she’d never bother answering the other questions. I realized over the years of being an internet creep that it’s always important to ease the ladies into the vulgarities gently. Speaking of easing things in gently, there is a Yom Kippur celebrating jewish girl in spandex pants bending over in front of me.

Here’s Maude Flanders – Probably Not Her Real Name:

Why do you want me to make you famous?
I want you to make me famous because I’m undeserving of it and I’m tired of stroking your cock for free.

What is your talent?
My talent is sitting at a boring job all day and actually getting paid to read blogs and check my myspace page more frequently than a old fuck with bladder control pisses himself.

Do you want to be the next Forbidden and did you know that she was a Man?
I’m not really sure who Forbidden is, I know it’s from FOV but I haven’t been watching that this season, I’ll say no, I prefer my looks over that of a trannie.

Do you ever sleep with random men from myspace?
I have not slept with any men from myspace yet…there’s alway the opportunity that I’ll find one that will fit the bill.

Are you one of those drunken college girls who likes having a good time?
Well I’ve never gone to college, so I’m not a drunken college girl. I do like to have a good time, especially when I’m drunk. I guess I’m an uneducated drunken working girl.

What would I have to do to convince you to send me nude pics?
I don’t think I’ll ever send nudes, too risky and cheap, there are so many nudes online. Besides I’m saving the surprise for when we run off together

This is your chance to ask a question you think I will find funny
My question for you:
Why do you suppose people find it criminal to take acid and then fuck vegetables?

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