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The reason I found your Myspace is because one of my readers named Craig said you sat with him at a club for 4 hours and didn’t charge him. Are you a stripper or an escort or just a nice lady?
I dont remember a guy named Craig, but yeah I’m a stripper at the Hustler Club. I’m definately not an escort, and the reason I was sitting with him for so long is pretty much because im the worst stripper in the world. I make money, but once i find an interesting person to talk to, I’m like Fuck work lemme just sit here all night. No, we did not talk about your website, but i will b sure to bring it up more frequently in my conversations with random people.

My readers are usually not very memorable. Speaking of memorable, do you remember when you realized that every guy you met wanted to stick his dick in you?
I cant remember when i first realized guys wanted to get in my pants, probably when i started giving blowjobs in eighth grade and suddenly had lots of male friends… Is that a legitimate answer?

How small were your tits before you got the implants and do you think big tits makes that much of a difference in the work that you do?
I was a 32B before i got my boobs done, and that was before i ever danced so although I cant say for sure exactly how much of a difference it makes in this industry, i think i would have done well pre boobjob, my tits were pretty nice.

Have you ever done porn? If so, what kind?
I’ve never done boy/girl porn, but on my website there is girl on girl action and a lot of masturbation stuff. I LOVE turning men on! But girl/girl is as far as i’ll go.

I see that you’ve dyked out on Howard Stern. Do you dyke on Howard Stern often?
I dyke out pretty often, but have only had the chance to do it on Howard Stern once. I love having sex with girls, although in the end, i prefer a man.

Is all this a cry for attention because your daddy never loved you? Or because he loved you too much?
I am probably somewhat of an attention whore, just like any other female in this industry, but i dont consider what i do a “cry for attention,” and daddy loves me very much. I was never molested as a child, either..

I feel like I should ask you the standard interview questions, like how many fingers can you fit in your box, what is the weirdest thing you’ve stuck in your box, are you bald or do you believe in a little landing strip, does size matter and do you do anal, how many dudes have you slept , do you always use condoms even though they suck, have you ever had an STD or an Abortion but I think that would be inappropriate, so I’ll ask you this instead….Do you like dancing? Dancing is fun…I am not really that good at interviews, let me think of a really riveting question like this… Who’s work inspires you?
Who’s work inspires you? Hmmm… at this point in my life, i cant really say that i’ve been “inspired” by the work of anyone. I LOVE movies (Quentin Tarantino!) and art (Salvadore Dali!), but i dont think they really inspire my life in any way… I guess if I had to chose, I’d say that when I was in highschool I listened to a lot of Necro and Cage and they definately had something to do with me going into this line of business. Oh, the book Art Of Seduction inspired me to be a more seductive person, although i have yet to start actually working on it.

What do you do for fun?
What do you do for fun? I smoke a lot of weed and watch a lot of tv. I also genuinely love shooting for and working on my website.

Are you the DJ AM of Hot Sluts?

Exactly…Tell me some shit you’ve got on famous people, don’t worry about it damaging your career, if anything it’ll just make you more popular. It’s not like those dudes will ever do shit for you. So let it out… I’m here for you.
I dont know any famous people, but i know alot of guys who know first hand that Scarlett Johanssen is a whore.

What’s it like being interviewed via myspace by the coolest motherfucker on the internet? I can imagine that it’s pretty fun….
Of course it’s fun, have you ever met a girl that doesnt love to talk about herself??

I just read in your comments that you are one some kind of show called Asian Invasion, what is that creepy dude Todd talking about and why are you in his top 8. At least he listens to Van Halen, always a sign of a dude who WON’T shoot up an Amish school. PS that was sarcasm…I know strippers can be slow..
I am on a radio show called Bubba The Love Sponge on Howard 101 (Sirius Satellite Radio) a lot, and they gave me the nickname Asian Invasion.

What’s the creepiest thing a dude’s ever done to you?
I used to be a dominatrix, so i have tons of creepy dude stories… There was this one guy who had a tooth fetish,and he liked for me to wiggle his tooth for an hour an a half straight, as he would ask over and over again, “is it coming out?” In my personal life, i once dated a guy who asked me to slowdance with him when there was no music playing. I think he thought he was being romantic, but it totally turned me off.

PS your dog is very cute, any chance of getting some pics of you and the dog bathing together? It’s kinda my fetish.
No. Totally not into beastiality (sp?) sorry.

This was a huge waste of time. I suck at life and this isn’t funny. Sorry about that.

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