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I am – Brooke Hogan’s FHM Pics of the Day


Lucky for you, I couldn’t keep away from the computer for as long as I thought I would be keeping away from the computer. Last night, while I was lying in bed, and by bed I mean on a bench in the bus station, I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept having visions of you never coming back here because I am inconsistant in my posts and not as funny as I used to be. I guess it’s also got to do with replacing my drug addiction with a computer addiction and a typing addiction and a making no money addiction and it’s got to do with the stress of losing my picture source because I kept bugging her for pictures of her box, but the real reason I couldn’t sleep was because I was in a fucking bus station.

Without a picture source, I am forced to post dated Brooke Hogan FHM pictures. I was convinced that this girl was a fat piece of garbage, I’m talking so trashy that bitch is the kitchen garbage bag after you clean out your fridge, with an ass full of rancid ground beef coupled with a stench of rotten cabbage. I had no idea she had a body like this. I know it’s airbrush magic and I am okay with that. The reason I am okay with that is simple. I like that society has a skewed perception of what a bitch is supposed to look like, and that girls have a negative self image, even when they are hot, because it makes them easier to bang. If more and more clueless men tell the hot girls they are fat and ugly and that they have shit on Brooke Hogan, a girl we all know is busted, they will end up hating themselves more than the fat girl with leg braces, acne and a rash thus making them put out a whole lot easier. I am talking teenage pregnancy, herpes infection and working in porn by the time they are 18. Ideally all after they’ve had a visit with my mouth.

That may not make sense, but it does to me and I guess that’s all that matters here.

Signed, Jesus Martinez on the Road. Cuddles.

PS – My Dream Is For Her Dad To Read This…I Loved His 1986 Work Out Program/Audio Cassette Set…

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