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I am – Alena Seredova Naked Beach Pics of the Day


I am pretty sure these pics are old, but I have a really bad memory so that means that they are new to me. I lost my picture hook up a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been away from the computer for awhile so I just don’t know what’s up. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure that I never really knew what’s up, I don’t read other sites, watch TV or leave my house. My stepdaughter always tells me stories about things she sees on TV, whether it’s facts about Nicole Richie or funny things the Princes of Malibu do. Yesterday it was about Borat calling Madonna a transgendered person, even though he’s in her DJ music video, I wasn’t too impressed, cuz that’s like saying “Feed Nicole” or talking about Paris Hilton’s sex tape. It’s been done. Either way, I get fucking annoyed knowing that she’s filling her brain up with celebrity smut, when she could be training to be a stripper, something that could actually put some food on our table.

This post has been shitty, I am just waking up, it’s 11:56 and I have 4 minutes left of The View. There’s something about watching Rosy that makes me feel good about myself. Maybe cuz she’s a fucking lesbian.

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