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I am – The Duffgusting Sisters do Halloween of the Day


These bitches are more duffgusting than the dude from a Trailer Park in Alabama raping his own mother. I guess she looked good in her bathrobe while making him pancakes for breakfast all those years. Bitch must have been asking for it bending over to do the dusting. I guess that no pussy is as good as the first pussy you ever touched and I realize that I am an asshole with no compassion because I can only laugh at how fucked up the world is and I feel like since she raised him, I’d rather he rape her than rape one of my stepdaughters or your sister or the innocent girl that lives in the trailer down the lane, who is already dealing with daddy’s alcoholism…I guess the really issue is whether either of them gave the other one an STD like when this dude’s having a herpes outbreak in jail and his boyfriend asks him where he scored that shit and he’s all like “so I was raping my mom and bitch was a dirty whore, you never think of your mom as a bitch with herpes, I sure learnt my lesson….” and I guess when he gets out of jail – Christmas Dinner will be really fucking awkward….All this to say the Duff sisters don’t have to worry about getting raped by anyone….

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