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I am – Jennifer Love Hewitt is a Man of the Day


Look how clever Jennifer Love is…she knows that it’s halloween and that it’s a time to dress like a whore and here she is rocking a Charlie Chaplin suit. Something about as attractive as jerking off to pictures of your great grandfather outside the saloon during the gold rush. To make things worse, she’s walking around with a notepad, because I can only assume she’s dressed like the “Silent Film”. Something about as obnoxious/pretentious as people who make you pronounce thier names different than they are spelled, or the people at the front of your class challenging the teacher by asking stupid questions, but using big words to overcompensate. I guess the fact that she’s with Justin Timberlake is also annoying, because that means motherfucker is keepin’ her titties all for himself. I hate bitches who don’t show off their tits when we all know they have tits because what it comes down to is that Justin Timberlake looking motherfuckers shouldn’t be the only one to bask in the sunshine that is her cleavage….while writing stupid shit on notepads at halloween events because he’s so fucking ironic….suck my dick whore.

Speaking of whores, here’s an email that I’ve decided is worthy of being the EMAIL of the day….

This is what I’m talking about. I love a good fingering, I hope you use 2 and I hope you know what you’re doing. If you did all that, you’d notice right away that I’m wet all over right off the bat. It doesn’t take me long to warm up to you and licks from behind really fucking turn me on. I would get off, Jesus. Likely, my ass would start quivering and I’d be moanin’ low. I like to grab my tits when I get off, because the nipples get all hard and I feel all sexy like that. I’d be hoping you slip it in while I was a quivery and drippy and begging for it with my body that way I could keep coming over and over and over…

How do you like it best? Because I try it all the ways…I’d do anything you wanted (almost). I aim to please you Jesus, you could pose me around like a doll, and I’d like it. If you didn’t want to take charge like that, I might be a little bashful at first, I’m not going to lie, I am not typically the agressor in bed, but I don’t mind after awhile, and I’d end up on top of you because I know how to wiggle my hips to give myself these incredible orgasms and plus I look super sexy doing it with my hair all down near my tits and my head back, on display

Too bad I am impotent….

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