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I am – Tera Patrick Halloween of the Day


This is Tera Patricks’ costume from some party she hosted. I don’t really understand why she’s wearing anything, considering the fact that we have all seen her naked and getting fucked. She’s a dirty whore who has seen more dick that you have, and you’re a closet case faggot with a gay porn addiction. Either way…these are her pics….

Speaking of herpes, I am watching Dr Phil, because it’s what I do at 5 pm on weekdays. It’s all part of being unemployed. They are talking about how a woman with a Femmullet landed herpes from her cheating husband. That makes me laugh, not because I think herpes is funny or because I think innocent people deserve herpes and I really hate the fact that banging bitches can result in death, or painful cock sores, or burning when it pees, but the fact that these 2 white trash bitches are pulling a Jerry Springer on this show and the fact that the world knows she’s got vagina issues is funny in an embarrassing way, like when you shit your pants when you think you’ve got to fart. I generally hate bathroom jokes but I am trying to figure out a reason why I am laughing without admitting that I am a fucking asshole and love other people’s pain.

Speaking of Assholes, Here’s a message one of my readers wrote KELS. If you don’t know who KELS is, read my previous post.

here’s my message to your friend KELS,

Hey! Saw your profile and thought I’d drop in and say HI! HI HI HI!!

I saw you had said you have a dirty secret on your, “About Me” section…I’m not going to lie…I have one too! I’ll share with you! I was jerking off to your fat ass picutres in your fat ass “pics” section and some of my cum landed on the “K” key on my keyboard!!! I thought it was funny though becuase your name starts with a K too!!! Gosh, I should buy a lottery ticket today!

I know that sounds kinda gross Kels, but seriously, I just can’t help myself when I’m looking at 5’2″ fat girls on myspace with teeth that look like they’re trying to run away from your face and with what I can only guess are dinner plate sized nipples. Don’t get me wrong Kels, I love dinner plates…if it weren’t for them I would have to eat my food on the floor with the homeless! Silly homeless people.

Aaaanyways. Just wanted to say I love you and that you made my day better. We should totally get together sometime and listen to music! Looks like you like your music almost as you like your cake!



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