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I am – Paris Hilton Models her Ass of the Day


Here are some pics of Paris Hilton showing the world her pretty solid ass on the Runway somewhere….

Speaking of SPAM, I am pretty sure you don’t care about this, but the spammer commenter in one of my posts has apologized for pretending to be other members of the site and for writing inappropriate things….If an apology includes blaming his friends…For the record MUNG is a real person, I never met him, I never read his posts, but he wasn’t me….

OOPS, MY BAD!!!! I had a ‘small party’ this weekend. 8 or so friends, some of them do read u and we discuss your stuff. I actually had mentioned(since i thought there was a good chance you had,in my opinion, “retired Mung”) that it would be great/ludicrous/wtf if Mung came back somewhat more likeable but still somewhat an inflamatory asshole dealing with HIV/aids (cuz assholes can only b likeable if/when they r dying), post his T-cell count, meds, a few nasty photos of yeast infections,etc.

Needles, er i mean needless 2say since it was a stay over party where people(inc. myself) r not always the most “clear headed/rational” some of the time, a couple of them did take the liberty of going ‘nuts’ in the comments and picking up fights w/HLW, “Stepsteve”, etc. While i dont think its 80% just some of the ones they told me about are somewhat in poor taste. The lesson learned is that my computers r now password protected so that people will need 2 check with me b4 using them.

Since u obviously feel that the comments were not appropiate 4your site i do apologize.

P.S.- I hope that you have njoyed some of my comments. I thought the “Ballad of Mung”(w/the subsequent addendum) was pretty good if i can say so myself.

Either way, this post was useless, but appropriate considering what the “support” pics are of. I’d hate to have the post of the year to Paris, so I do what I can to make all Paris posts suck….

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