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I am – Brooke Hogan has a Trashy X-Mas of the Day


Here are some pics of Brooke Hogan rockin’ her classy outfit at some Christmas event a couple of days ago. I don’t know much about Christmas events but this outfit seems a little fuckin’ trashy for Jesus’ birthday and I am talking the real Jesus, not me, cuz at my birthday no outfit is too trashy for me. Point of the story is that if she’s going to get all slutted out for her stage show, she should at least come with props, like this one time I went to a strip club and the bitch had a remote control car with a dildo strapped to the top of it. She’d hand out the remote and people in the audience would try to drive it up in her. If that doesn’t make you think of Christmas, I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you, but I do know that daddy’s money made this music project happen and since they are from Florida, this outfit isn’t really that out of place, it’s actually considered really fucking classy because people in florida are garbage. Brooke’s outfit is incomplete though, if she really wanted the full Florida package, she’d best be putting some money from her record sales aside for a new set of tits.

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