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I am – Michelle Trachtenberg Bathing Suit Pics of the Day


I don’t really think anything eventful happened last night, I remember watching the ball drop on ABC while Dick Clark fumbled the countdown because he’s had a stroke and I guess people with strokes sometimes have trouble counting. I haven’t watched the Ball Drop in years, I was usually out being crazy, causing trouble, seducing prostitutes with 10 dollar bills but since my dick has gone south, there really isn’t much worth doing.

Speaking of money, here are some pics of Michelle Trachtenberg in her bathing suit. I can only assume she’s vacationing in Florida, because that seems to be what Jews do during the Christmas vacation….this is a one-piece and I don’t know what she is hiding, but I am sure none of you will ever find out…I can only assume it’s her dreidel and by deidel I mean cock.

Maybe I’ll post more later, and maybe my posts will actually be funny and worth reading, but you’re asking a little too much out of me on this Glorious and Magical January 1, 2007 of the day, because my posts are never worth reading. Cuddles.

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