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I am – Kate Moss Agent Provocateur Pics of the Day


I was watching American Idol because I don’t have cable and when you don’t have cable you are forced to do things that you probably wouldn’t normally watch. American Idol is not one of those shows. I fucking love it. What I don’t love is that I am convinced that all these fuckers are faking it. I am talking the freakshows like the 6 ft 7 black chick, or the dude who thought he was Taylor Hicks and security kicked out for trying to style Simon’s hair….but the highlight of the show was the Fat dude in the Hawaiian shirt, but that’s just because people who wear Hawaiian shirts like the let loose and have a good time and his buddy the tree monkey. I don’t mean to re-live the show because it isn’t worth my energy, but it is all a fucking scam and I want my money back but then I realized that Paula Abdul jacked up on meds, growling and acting a fool may make me feel a little uncomfortable, but is worth my time, because watching rich people act as crazy as homeless people while making millions is a total fucking joke in and of itself….

That said here are some pics of Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur….I love her even though her ass fucking sucks…


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