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I am – Paris Hilton Exposed of the Day


The story is that Paris Hilton put stuff in storage and never paid the 200 dollar bill. The company claimed her stuff as their own and is making it all public for a monthly fee of 40 dollars. Here’s what they have, including diary entries about how she gave some dude herpes and video of billionaire kids doing a Kilo of Coke off each other. It sounds like the biggest fucking scam since Rick Solomon’s sex tape scandal that she “NEVER” agreed to releasing, but seemed to have got paid a lot for releasing.I think bitch just wants a little more boost to her celebrity status..they do say fame is addictive and by they I mean the stripper who though she was famous because she had an old fat guy come in daily to see her. We’ve already seen her get fucked, the only think more embarrassing would be video of her shitting, which is probably something I’d come out of impotency to jerk off to.

Anyway. I don’t have a credit card and want access to this site. IF any of you have a credit card please sign up and email me all the goods!! I suggest only one of you does it because I’d hate to drive sales for these fuckers, especially since they aren’t paying me to post this possible scam.

SIGN UP then send me the goods…

Download the promo video for the site Paris Exposed HERE

Download the video paris in bed Paris Exposed HERE

Download the other paris in bed video Paris Exposed HERE

Download the video paris in bath Paris Exposed HERE

Download the RAR file that has 8 Videos in It Paris Exposed Here

Watch the video of her in the bath Paris Exposed HERE

Updated Links….at 5:27 EST Thursday. THis post is messy like my underwear….

Paris in Bed 1

Paris in Bed 2

Paris in Bath 1

Paris in Bath 2

Paris Bath 3

Paris at the Computer

Get Your “Fucked in the Butt Fo Coke” T-Shirt HERE

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  • john philpott

    Paris is a sexy best who i would eat her pussy like a animal starving for food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want to fuck her…

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    i would actually give up sex for ever if i could just have one marathon fuck riding her juicy pussy. i would sell my house just for a blow job. she has such sexy tities

  • Lou

    woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Nice in the beav…. Shes so I id eat her turds…ooooooooyyyyyeeeeeaaaaaa

  • asshole


  • Hmm

    Links don’t work anymore :/

  • babymonkey

    The download links don’t work anymore.

  • why cant work?

  • paris lover

    her titties are so small but i would cum all over them

  • max

    I wud fuck da shit out of Paris Hilton and eat her out I wud make her suck ms dick so hard I cud feel my sperm comin out

  • Luk

    Every time I see her face I think she has brain damage.

  • this girl is mad,unwell,crazy,insane,has a brain damage.. better consult to those hundreds of psycholigists and psychiatrists…

  • patrick

    she is so fucking hot! i’d let her piss and shit in my mouth.

  • patrick

    she is so fucking hot! i’d let her piss and shit in my mouth, and have a huge orgasm while she’s doing it.

  • lol’d

    LMAO these are some of the most disturbing comments i have ever read

  • amy reid lover

    to me Amy Reid seems wayyy hotter….

    id so do her

  • ewww u perve! u r the ugliest bitch ive ever seen! lol! and by the way, ur boobs r like the size of mine and im younger than u! get some boob inplants! crist!

  • qwertyuiop27

    The download links don’t work. Please, please fix them.

  • angel

    omg she sleeps around so much…
    she might have HIV? or AIDS??
    what a weird girrl….
    she’s all about sexx!!!!

  • nobody

    Wow what a skank

  • fucked

    there are some fucked up people here

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