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I am – Penelope Cruz Bikini Pics of the Day


I’ve seen these pics floating around for the last could of days and waited on posting them for a while because I didn’t know if they were new or not and I’d hate to have to go on my site and dig through the archives looking to see what I’ve posted….So I waited for my cue and here are the pics.

I have been getting complaints that I write too much stripper content and I guess those people are right but it’s pretty much the only place I go when I leave my house. I don’t do it because I am a pervert or because I want to touch new young tit, I go because it makes for good content and because I find in therapeutic. It probably doesn’t make sense to the average person and I don’t think that it should, but you’re not the average person and you tune in for all my stories. I have been to hipster clubs, trendy clubs and local dives and nothing leaves me laughing like good night of strippers.

I am watching the People Vs Larry Flynt. Courtney Love just did her stage show and I wouldn’t stuff dollar bills down her panties cuz she’s fucking disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, here’s some pics of Peneolope Cruz and some poofter doing the Nazi Salute.

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