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I am – More Paris Exposed Shit of the Day

This is a 20 minute video of Paris Hilton in Ibiza from the Paris Exposed Scandal and below you will find a truck load of pictures….This is the list:

70 images leaked from Paris Hilton with shocking pictures, letters and more!

Paris & Her pipes, weed, coke & shrooms
Paris loading up the pipe
Paris high as a kite, trying to eat her hand
Paris high with gorgeous hair
Paris filming herself while shes got the munchies, more of that sexxiez hair
Paris getting high again
Paris is still getting high and higher
Paris is officially high
Nicole Richie eating coke off of a plate
Nicoles coke plate
Paris and Jasons shrooms galore
More of Jason and Paris shrooms
Paris and pipeParis getting high with a joint

Personal Pictures
Paris half naked getting out of a tanning bed
Paris modeling pix
Paris being kissed by some guy
Paris taking a pix of herself
Paris and some guy
Nicole, some chick and Nicky
The attack of the wonky eye & ugly guy
Nicoles cooter, kinda

Misc. Documents
Request for shoes for a photoshoot
Paris’s schedule
Notes about Nick Carter, LAPD and Tara Ried
Interview questions for Paris & Nicky
Paris’s Ohio fake ID
Notes for a fake ID
Nicole Richies Arizona University ID
A card to Paris from Nick
A letter from Paris to Nick

Personal Misc. Photos
Paris mooning you
Paris & Nick Carter
Paris, Nicky, Nicole & some other bitches
Paris, Nicky & Nicole
Nicole & Paris, as kids
Paris & Nicole photobooth
Kim Stewart, Someone, Nicky & Nicole
Nicole & Paris
Nicole with tall chick
Paris & Nicole in a urinal
Brian, Nicole, someone
Nicole & people
Nicole’s ass
Nicole, Nicky & Paris
Nicole, Michael Jackson, Paris
Nicky & Nicole
Paris, Tara, Nicky & Nicole
Paris & Nicole with some dudes
Nicole crying in a chair
Nicky & Paris pose with a crying Nicole
Cisco Adler, butt ass naked, NSFW, PENIS!
Paris & Amanda Lepore, NSFW, PUSS!
Paris getting it in the butt
Paris & Nicole making out! OMG!
Nicole is a pyro
Simple Life Photos
Paris & Nicole working on “The Simple Life” 1
Paris & Nicole Working on “The Simple Life” 2
Paris, Nicole & guys from “The Simple Life”
Paris & Nicole, The Simple Life premiere

Paris & her drugs, again!…
Paris, some guy rolling a joint
Paris, Playboy bitches & a bong
Paris getting high in an elevator
Drug notes from Amsterdam
Paris & Chad Muska stoned out of their small minds
Paris’s drugs
Guy on yacht covered in coke, not baby powder
Coke man 1
Coke man 2
Coke man 3

There is no way that I am not going to be getting sued for posting this shit. I am convinced that her lawyers are reading this before you are and that’s okay, I figure I need the publicity and since I am not worth shit, the lawsuit will bring me nothing but good. I thought this shit was staged but when I start seeing naked pics of other celebs surface and people doing mass amounts of drugs, I can only believe that it’s just rich kids living in excess and Paris being negligent with her shit cuz she’s too busy looking at herself in the mirror.

I guess the fact that they are this rich makes them untouchable and no matter how lame they are, little girls everywhere are eating this up and wishing they could be like this useless slag for a day….So the point of all this is to say that their lives are probably more fun than yours but I am happy I am not them because there is nothing remotely cool about them or what they are doing….and being cool is cooler than being rich. Too bad you’ll never experience either…

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