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I am – Paola Maltese Personal Hot Pics Revisited of the Day


I posted about this Actor from Paraguay’s personal half naked pics a few months ago, if you want to see them, click HERE .

The reality of all this is that whether she is famous there or not, she’s nothing to people who read the site so seeing her hot personal pics is no different than logging onto your favorite porn site and making love to yourself to any of the random models you find. Her celebrity, although big in Paraguay is non existent to you, so you don’t give a fuck about her.

I don’t discriminate. I like girls who take pictures of themselves half naked, and as long as they are half naked, they are worth posting. My whole theory is that if they need that extra internet boost of fame, I have no problem making them famous, even if it’s only to my 5 readers. I don’t know where I am going with this but it’s definitely not getting my point across. It is 6 am and I drank tequila, I am typing this with one eye shut, because when I open both eyes all I see is doubles. Maybe this is the stroke I’ve been expecting. Years of hard living all leaves me wondering when the body is going to shut down. Since I’m like a cockroach, I can only assume never.

Here’s some Paola Maltese….

Some Photoshoot Pics…

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