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I am – Tara Reid’s Plastic Surgery Worked of the Day


These are some recent pics of Tara Reid and by recent I mean 2 days old because the dude who emailed them into me wrote that they were taken 2 days ago, that doesn’t mean he’s right, because if he reads this site, then he is probably a fucking retard or a girl who got molested by her stepfather searching google for support groups.

I love what the plastic surgeon has done to this bitch. He’s proved to the world that no matter how much you drink, how much coke you huff up your knows, and how many dudes bust all over your drunken college fratboy lifestyle, you can clean yourself up pretty easily, all you need is about 100,000 dollars.

I am thinking that these pics get me excited for this disaster of a person because I was always into her. I liked that she got really fucking drunk and made me feel like I was not alone in this cave called alcoholism, but even before she was a drunken cokeslut, she was in American Pie and I wanted to slam her as much as I wanted to slam the exchange student while the redhead watched and diddled herself, only cuz I’ve never seen firecrotch in person and I thought it added a hot dimension to my fantasy….

I am thinking that she probably doesn’t even look all that good and that my hormones are raging, since I haven’t been able to bust a load in over 2 years….

The most likely reason as to why I am digging this girl is because compared to my wife, a sack of shit and broken class would be a better fuck than her massive vagina….

Either way, here are the pics….

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