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I am – Christina Aguilera Down Shit Pic of the Day


Justin Timberlake’s concert was here last night. I didn’t go and either did my stepdaughters, no thanks to you. The rumor on the street was that he was out partying for his birthday after the show. I have to admit that I was tempted to go out there and get pics of him a Britney making out in the club or pics of whoever the slut he flew in for a little private cake eating, but I don’t have any hook-ups and wouldn’t know where to look. I also don’t have a digital camera or an ability to get accepted into the clubs he’d be at, only because I like wearing my soiled jogging pants and that’s not up to code.

What is up to code are these Aguilera pics that were probably taken a long time ago. You can see her nipples and that’s all I really need to make me happy. I am pretty easy to please, I am just not very good at pleasing you.

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