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I am – Alyssa Milano Bikini Lip Slip of the Day


Alyssa Milano is one of those bitches who you want to get with and you don’t even care that she is hairier than your dad. You probably would still try to get with her even if she had a dick and was your dad, but that’s just because you’re weird and take what you can get when it is offered because you never know when the next time another person will touch you again. Even the lady that works at your local drug store is scared to touch your hand when she gives you change, but you’ve never noticed that because you were too busy staring at her tits.

I guess she looks decent for a 45 year old, I haven’t seen many girls this age with such a tight body, but maybe it’s because she’s not really I girl. I have a distinct memory that she played the Tony Danza’s teenage son on Who’s the Boss, but those years were a long time ago and all a blur…

What is also a blur is whether there is a little lip slip in these pics, you be the judge, but for the record, I’m calling that it’s scrotum…


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