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I am – Colleen Mcloughlin Bikini Pics of the Day


Here’s a little celebrity I’ve never heard of bikini action. They could be old and they could be new and I really have no fucking clue because I’ve got no idea who this bitch is. I could always IMDB it but why the fuck bother when I have annoying readers with google who can check for themselves if they really fucking care enough to. You can also go through google and let me know when these pics were taken and where they were and who took the pics, cuz I know that I don’t feel like it.

The highlight of these have to be the pasty white dude with a freckle jacket on, but her shit stain under her thigh is pretty hot too.

I have never been into scat, I used to have a weak stomach thinking about the girl who I am slamming shitting, and I remember one day when doing a chick from behind and she started turtle heading, or groundhogging or whatever the fuck you call it when an asshole flares and a turd pokes out and gets sucked back in….

I never talk about shit, this is a new step for me, don’t get used to it, I just had a relevant story I have no problem telling you…I’m honest like that. Speaking of honest this girl is still worth a round in my eyes, even though she’s got stumpy legs that look good for lifting but I have no standards….Cuddles.

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