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I am – Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape of the Day


Paris’s Armenian bodyguard/sidekick/personal assistant who only dates black dudes because they are the only ones with dicks big enough to get through her thick piece of Armenian ass has a sex tape out. She’s been denying this shit for month’s since it hit the net, but that’s just what people do when they release sex tapes, because it makes it more believable that it’s really “stolen”. This shit is being released by vivid, and the slut is all over the fucking place now, doing magazine covers, trying to be seen. I am not sure what she’s expecting from all this, but let’s hope it’s a career doing BBW porn.

I guess what it all comes down to is that she has daddy issues. He was always working on his career and on the OJ Simpson case when she was growing up, then he died. This is her cry for male attention so let’s try to mend her pain by laughing at how big her saucer sized nipples on her floppy tits are. I guess it could also be a peer pressure thing, everyone she hangs with seems to be a piece of trash with a sex tape. Maybe sex tapes are the new Louis Vuitton purse. This sex tape shit’s just going to get more and more intense over the next year, as people figure out how easy it is to get 100,000,000 eyes on you, until we’re all bored of seeing you fuck. So celebrities without sex tapes better get on it.

This post is weak, but so am I….and so is the fact that she talks exactly like Paris. It kinda scares me lots.

Kardashian Trailer – video powered by Metacafe

Kim Kardashian – Superstar

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