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I am – Heather Graham’s Lesbian Kiss of the Day

Here’s Heather Graham’s Lesbian kiss that’s been getting media coverage…I am probably a month late on this shit, but I am posting it anyway….

I used to love when girls made out. It was back int he 90’s when you never saw that shit. Getting two drunk girls to go at each other like they were sex starved sluts was an accomplishment. I remember when I had one of my first apartments and organized some drug party where we all got together and got hight and these two lipstick lesbians showed up. I couldn’t understand how 2 incredibly hot girls could be against dick because up until that point I had met two dykes, one was a postal worker and the other a gym teacher and bitches looked like they had bigger dicks than me and I was too scared to tell them that because they would have beat me up. Anyway, these bitches in tight jeans and body-suits, which were what all the girls wore, show up, we all start doing whatever dirty street drugs we were doing and they start making out. I was blown the fuck away. 2002 roles around and everywhere I look frat boys are getting the cheerleading squad to shove their tongues up in each other and I thought that I was in heaven, it was a Christmas fucking miracle all year round….Now we’re in 2007 and all things gay bore the fuck out of me. Everyone’s a fucking queer, every girl has made out with their best friends and I still haven’t landed a threesome. Now that my dick’s broken, I probably never will and I feel like the dude who was there when it all started but never got to take advantage. Another example of me sucking at life. Cuddles…

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