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I am – Ali Landry’s Fake See-Thru Shirt of the Day


Here’s another picture of some slut in a see-thru shirt only this bitch is named Ali Landry and her idea of see-thru is wearing some mesh bullshit that has a built in strapless bra. I didn’t fucking steal my neighbors internet connection to see a fucking strapless bra bitch, enough with the teasing and do something right, maybe if you showed a little nipple I’d know who the fuck you are.

That said, I was thinking about my past sex life yesterday, seeing as it was Valentines Day. I realized that I have never had a blow-job in a movie theater and that makes me feel like I missed out on my youth. When I asked my stepdaughter about it she told me she gives them to dudes all the times. When I asked her if she had a boyfriend, she told me that she usually meets dudes there. Sometimes, I think my stepdaughter is my dream girl, probably cuz I raised her proper….Either way – the chances of me getting movie head are about as likely as this bitches nipple breaking through her shitty bra. Mainly cuz I can’t get hard. Whore.

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