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I am – Jennifer Ellison’s See Through Shirt of the Day


I am all slow on posting today because I had about 16 dollars lying around my place, I know that may sound like a lot of money to some of you, but if you’re not a fucking loser, which we all know you are, you would know that 16 dollars isn’t much. I ended up wandering the streets and came across some Monday night $5 for everything college bars. I was going to oder some food because I haven’t eaten in 2 days but decided on getting 2 pitchers of beer. I tried convincing the group of fat chicks at the table next to me to let me pour beer all over them on video like this was a stepSHIRT video, but they told me to fuck off and went back to taking pics of their fat selves giving each other PEACE SIGNS. SLUTS.

I left and went to some store and got $5 worth of cigars that I realized weren’t cuban even though they are called Havanas. The night was a major disappointment, I feel like your mom did on your 30th birthday when she had to come to terms with the fact that you were never getting a job, never moving out and your RPG addiction was the closest thing she’d ever have to grandkids….

Here are the pics of Jennifer Ellison’s Bra and Tight Body…I have no idea who she is – I guess I could have googled her. Google’s got my stupid self by the balls….This pictures are probably old, ,I’ve probably already posted them, but my life is like groundhog day, even though I never saw the movie, everything looks the fucking same…

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