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I am – Penelope Cruz Leaving the Gym of the Day


There’s nothing hotter than watching some Spanish chick leaving the gym, other than watching some hot Spanish girl get herself off because you know if she cares enough about running on a treadmill, she probably takes the time to maintain her pussy proper. I am probably only drawn to these leaving the gym pictures because my wife is morbidly obese and you always want what you don’t have. I used to hear this expression that even Cindy Crawford’s husband was jerking off to girls who weren’t CIndy Crawford, even when all you fuckers were jerking off to CIndy Crawford instead of your own girlfriend. I know that Cindy Crawford makes for a shitty analogy since she was hot 15 years ago, but you understand what I am talking about….even though you don’t have a girlfriend so my whole post should be deleted. I just don’t like editing, it takes too much work, so if you just read that and feel a little confused, just look at the Penelope Cruz leaving the gym pics and get your fat ass inspired while you eat that box of donuts….Loser.

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