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I am – Patricia Heaton See-Thru of the Day


It’s 6 am and I just spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to add a song to my fan sign video of the day. I got a little overly excited about that whole email and I just carried that excitement over into this post, which isn’t so exciting.

It’s some old pictures of Patricia Heaton, who I think was on Everybody Loves Raymond, a show I fucking HATE rockin’ a see through shirt.

I was talking to this girl about what makes something funny, because I never find myself laughing. All the viral videos I see get millions of views and suck fucking dick harder than you pretend your Sailer Moon action figure would if only she came to life at night, you fucking weirdo. Anyway, I was just trying to figure out what makes a motherfucker famous and what makes an executive think a motherfucker has something marketable about his lame ass piece of shit humor.

I even watch sketch comedy that everyone cums from laughing so hard when I am really fucking broke, too broke to entertain myself and don’t even smile…I think I am jaded to funny, or you just don’t know what funny is…

Funny to me at this particular minute is a bitch in green who is in her 40s showing the world her nipples..which goes to show you that no matter how washed up you are or how lame your career has been, you can alway be a loose in the hips whore. Cuddles.

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