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I am – Christina Aguilera’s See-Through Dress of the Day


It was the Jewish Halloween this weekend, the reason I know is because I only have Jewish girls on my facebook. The reason I only have Jewish girls on my facebook is because I think only Jewish girls use facebook. It’s a site made by a Jewish dude for Jewish people that has all the Jewish support because dude’s Jewish and Jewish people like all things Jewish. I was going to say that it’s a lot like the Jewish deli down the street from me where Jewish people go to buy Jewish Kanish, but the dude who bought that Jewish store from the Jewish people isn’t even Jewish, he is brown and Jewish people don’t really like buying Jewish food off brown people, but as Jewish people become more socio-economically stable, as doctors and lawyers and budding champions of business and leaders of the entertainment industry, their dreams of opening shitty deli’s become dreams of expensive cars, big houses, and 150,000 dollar bar mitzvah’s for their kids….the dreams of opening shitty deli’s goes to the new age immigrants, like south east asians and people from India.

Point of this post is that Christina Aguilera jumped on the Jewish train, but not the kind that took them to the concentration camps back in the 40s, even though she dresses like she’s from the 40’s in all her videos…but she did jump on a Jewish rich kid with a record label and big Jewish dick to satisfy her trashy mexican ass…train and here she is advertising that she has an amazing body that I’d turn Jewish just to get inside too. That means get the top of my dick cut off for her. I am that committed.

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