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I am – Katherine Heigl Bikini Top Photo Shoot of the Day


I have a new found love for seeing pictures of people taking pictures of other people. I went to a party a while ago and was watching some fag get girls in compromising pictures and thought to myself that it was fucking hot and that it brought my internet voyeur ways to my real life with a lot less consequences than when I used to climb up women’s fire escapes to watch them shower.

I only did it a few times and I barely got caught. In my mind being a peeping tom was a good way to meet women, you know, they start showering all naked and wet and notice some dude watching them in the window, get turned on at the thought of turning on some dude and invite him in for a bang to make her fantasy come full circle.

I thought of myself as a modern day santa claus, you know making sexual christmas miracles come true for bitches by fulfilling their dirty fantasies the don’t want to admit they have. Unfortunately, not all aspects of life are like a porno movie and most girls don’t automatically start masturbating when they know they are being watched by me, most of them scream and call the police…at which point I run away as fast as I can, which isn’t very fast at all. I have asthma.

But I was at a bar this weekend and a girl started showing me pictures of her box covered in cum, of her box with a vial of GHB in it and of her ass getting an tab of MDMA getting shoved in it. I feel like she’s the kind of girl who would have let me climb up her fire escape and watch her shower, masturbate, and fuck, provided she didn’t know me. Point of all this is to say, they do exist and I wasn’t wrong in testing out my theory. That’s the story I am sticking to…..

I guess I should write something about Katherine Heigl, considering this post is set to pictures of her at some photo shoot on a boat. How can I post pics of her and not drop anything about her. I am fucking up the blogging formula….but this bitch is fucking up the whole concept of posing on a boat for a photo shoot. the kind of on boat pictures I like are of bitches in string bikinis with captions like “REAR ADMIRAL” or “TOP HEAVY” or “TIGHT KNOT”. You know the kind of posters they sold in music stores in the 80s when posters still existed. Heigl’s got big tits but she looks sloppy in thee pics. Dumpy ass, thick thighs and not enough tit action. Let’s cut the class and make this something worth shoving objects in my ass for in hopes of a prostate induced orgasm. Cuddles…

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