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I am – Sharon Stone is Mad of the Day


Here are some pictures of Sharon Stone looking pretty fucking mad. At first I thought it was because she realized she was a washed up has-been who has no more sex appeal and the closest thing that she gets to turning people on is when they rent the Basic Instinct DVD and pause on her cunt and zoom in, but the only people doing that now are people you probably wouldn’t want jerking off to you anyway. I am talking weird people who collect comic books and action figures. Yes, I am talking about you. Then I realized that she was just mad at the paparazzi who are probably all up in her face like they care what she’s up to. Instead of being so fucking high-strung about the attention, she should embrace all the fucking attention she’s getting because her busted old ragged catcher mitt of a face, won’t be getting it much longer. If he hates the paparazzi so fucking much, she probably should have re-thought her career when she was just a blonde with big tits and few other options, her life today would be substantially poorer, so she should try to turn that anger into a hug.

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