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I am – Nicole Kidman Dirty Ass of the Day


Today is the day for celebrities in bikini bottoms and button up shirts because I guess that’s the trend for has-beens like Nicole KIdman. I guess it could have to do with the fact that she would pretty much burn up in the sun like she was a crack rock in a homeless shelter. That was a bad analogy but I tried. At least he’s got a dirty ass like most of the homeless chick’s I’ve ever banged. I was walking by my drug store at 1 am trying to get out of the house for an hour and I saw a group of men cleaning the place topless. My initial thought was that the place was being robbed by the shirtless bandits but the mops kinda put that theory to rest.

Speaking of rest it is 6 am and I should go to bed. I had about 15 exciting things to write today but forgot them all making me a pretty fucking useless guy with a site. Notice that I didn’t call myself a blogger, because bloggers are fucking lame. Speaking of Lame, I got a random text message from Stavros today, it said “Where are you?”, I am convinced that he thinks I am someone else so I said I was in bed waiting form him to show up at my slumber part. He never responded and that’s enough of this post, just look at the pics, you like pale ass don’t you virgin?

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