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I am – America’s Next Top Models are Naked of the Day


My stepdaughter is all up on this America’s Next Top model shit and so is every fag I come across in my day who says that shit is “Fierce”. I have never seen it because I don’t have a TV but I did have these pics from tonight’s show sent to me and they are naked and covered in candy, making it bass my loose editorial standards and getting a post of it’s very own….The thing that fascinates me most about these pics is that the 2 fatties on the show didn’t emotionally eat all the candy between shoots, I am guessing all the pressure of being naked on TV is enough to make them quit eating….

I was on my nightly walk to get away from the smell of my wife’s dirty laundry and came across a group of spring breakers who were obviously from Boston, cuz Montreal is where those fuckers come to drink underage and experience their first strip show. Anyway, the 4 chicks were a little more that plus sized and were rockin’ evening gowns like they were Paris Hilton going to Mr Chongs or whatever the fuck that LA hotspot is. While walking behind them all I could see was their pantyhose covered ass cheeks peaking out o their dresses and I thought of you. You would have totally fucked these whores and they would have let you, I guess part of your virginity comes with the fact that you are too scared to leave your house. I call that a lost opportunity….but at least you were on my mind…

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  • Just love your site, keep them coming!


    This was posted like 3 fucking years ago.

  • I have visited your site before. Outstanding boudoir model. IMO you have a georgous blog