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I am – Uma Gets Wet of the Day


Here’s some fetish shit, not because Uma is really all that hot, even if she’s got massive tits, but because she’s got a hose and is hosing herself down. It’s like watching a girl playing in the garden and jumping through the sprinklers on a hot summer day, and by girl I mean someone over 18, I am not into the whole pedophile shit. I never really understood why a dude could sit in a park watching kids play and like it more than he should but that’s really not the point, the point is that this shit is bringing back memories of when I worked at a gas station that hosted a car wash for the local college. All the bitches started off the day in their regular everyday car wash clothes and ended up in their bikinis hosing themselves down. I would say it changed my life for the better but in reality that day got me fired because I kept trying to get them to show me their tits and one of them filed a complaint about me to my manager. It was a good run and worth getting fired over because it was one of those things I probably could never forgive myself for not trying…

I was in a pizza place for some late night eats and 2 jewish kids came in after partying and kept talking about how they should have asked for the bitches they were picking ups’ number but didn’t. They will never see her again and their reward of the night is the chance to jerk off to the thought that they had picked them up, but if they lived my way, they may have got fired but at least they knew there was no fucking chance.

All this to say that Uma may not be a college chick in a bikini, but at least she’s trying…

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