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I am – Ashley Scott’s Panties of the Day


I can’t believe my life has come to looking for pantylines on bitches I have never heard of to post for 15 people while trying to write something worth writing, but then I realize that I really have nothing better to do with my time, so I guess it all works out. I also realize that nothing I write is worth reading so I could drop some shit how I can’t believe that me finding pantylines on bitches I don’t know is actually the highlight of my day because Wednesdays is wash my wife day. It takes about 3 hours to scrub her down, she has a pretty extensive surface area and maneuvering herself in and out of the top and reaching all the hard to reach areas that you’d rather not reach s something that you have no choice but to do otherwise infection will set in but at least it has disgusted you and ruined this image you wish you could maintain of a woman being something you want to explore from head to toe, but after experiencing this shit once you never really found that feeling again…and now that you have been doing this for 3 years strong, it’s pretty much killed every male instinct you once had, so all of a sudden, lookin’ for pantlines ain’t all that bad after all. Enjoy.

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