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I am – Caprice’s Box of the Day


See, I am capable of making shitty blogger jokes too. I don’t always have to write paragraphs of stories and observations to bore you with. I hope you are happy people who have been complaining about my posts being too long. If you missed the joke, the title of this post is called Caprice’s Box. I remember when this slut was a hot fucking number. Her tits would be in every celebrities nude website I could get my hand on and I have to admit when times were tough I resorted to jerking off to her. It wasn’t really jerking off, it was more like raping myself, because my mind screamed no but my hand just went where it wanted. I don’t get boners anymore, so were cool. The closest thing I get to raping myself is when I shove my wives rolled quarters in my ass to smuggle them out of the house to buy cigars. Yes. I steal from my wife. Fuck you for judgin’ me…Asshole.

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