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I am – Taryn Manning's Bra of the Day


The day I realized stepSTEVE was gay wasn’t when he changed his name to Stephen James, but when he was living on my couch and told me he found this bitch hot. I had never really heard of her because I have a short attention span and I am bad with names, but after doing a google image search I wouldn’t let him live this one down. I am the kind of guy who lacks creativity so if you give me one thing like telling me Taryn Manning is a hot celeb, or that you once experimented with your best friend when you were 13 at a sleepover, or that you once got caught jerking off in your mom’s bed with her panties on her face, I am going to keep throwin that shit at you…

Speaking of throwing shit our way, here is Taryn Manning’s bra or undershirt or some kind of layer of clothes between her tits and her sweater to get you through your shitty day. If you don’t remember who stepSTEVE is, he’s in most of my stepTV clips before her ditched me for dreams of playing bass. Now’s when you drop a joke about her lookin’ like a man and her name being manning cuz you are clever like that.

All this to say, at least she’s got whore boots on, because any girl with whore boots on, hot or not, is a girl for me…even if she looks like a tranny.

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