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I am – Paris Hilton’s Mysterious Stain of the Day


Here are some pictures of Paris Hilton with some stain on her dress, it’s obviously not some dude’s nut on her, because nobody has a load like that, not even the kind of guy who would let this bitch with herpes at his dick. It’s just an easy joke waiting to happen and I’ll leave it up to the other blogs because today I have decided I like Paris because Paris fucks and not enough girls let random men up in them, at least not enough girls I know.

That said, I wish more girls were whores like Paris. I remember when I was about 18 before I found the right kind of women who actually liked to have guys cum on their faces, I was hanging with some prude religious bitch who I thought wouldn’t be a prude because all the fucking bible shit parents feed their tight little school girls usually means the girl’s got no limits like the one I met later in life who would only fuck me after I pulled an exorcist on her and shoved a Virgin Mary statue in her box. She’d always tell me about how her mother gave it to her on her communion and that shit was pretty fucking twisted but not as twisted as my dick after the prude Christian started dry fucking me with a pair of cords on. I am telling you that this girl had a high school, pants-on rule and those fucking brown cords were not coming off. I don’t know if you have ever had had a girl in brown cords grind your cock, but my shit was fucking ripped up for a month and while other people were getting blowjobs, I was tending to an infected cock…What I wouldn’t give to have those days back again…that’s how much my life sucks…

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