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I am – Lohan’s Partying Slophole of the Day

Picture Via DListed’s Friend (the best celebrity blog according to me)

Here are some pics of Lohan’s cunt sent in by a reader. She is partying at a place called Plumand I don’t know where that is but I am glad she’s being all poetic on us as she shows the world her pantyhose covered plum at Plum…even if some of you think it’s more of a piece of dried up shit than a freshly picked fruit, just because half of hollywood’s had a bite of it….

Either way, I am a fan of girls who don’t hid their junk with panties, it’s so fucking conventional, but maybe I am biased as I have made it pretty clear that I am a fan of Lohan and everything that she does. I totally support her insanity because it makes her more interesting. If I had a decent sized bank account I’d be drinking and snorting it all away too, because I see fun as an investment, but that’s not the point that point is that Lohan still keeps getting work and whenever I went on drunken binges I’d always lose my jobs because the drink became more important than the daily routine of hell that was a job. So reality is she’s got it all pretty much together.

I was walking around the other day drinking a beer out of a plastic bag at around 3 in the morning and walked by some slut who had been overserved. She was probably 16 years old and was surrounded by cops and one of her friends was holding her head up. She was covered in puke and had pissed herself, when she was lifted up I saw that she had shit herself, all bitch had to do was get her fucking period and we’d be in every bodily excrement business. Even under those circumstances, I am pretty convinced would wouldn’t have been able to convince her to let you fuck her and she was half fucking dead, I don’t know what’s worse, you fucking a shit covered bitch or a shit covered bitch being so fucked up, but not too fucked up to know you’re a creep…

Point of all these words was to say that everyday people get sloppier when they are drunk than Lohan flashing the world a little cunt and that’s the end of this post.

A Little Color Corrected…For You Perverts…

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