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I am – Lohan in GQ of the Day

Lohan is my kind of girl. She’s up on cool shit like smoking opium and hipsters and she just doesn’t give a fuck about pretty much anything. She fucks with the media, she goes to rehab only to come out of rehab and continue what she is doing, while pretending that she’s not doing it because she’s a fucking actor. Here she is in GQ from a Terry Richardson photo shoot.

Terry Richardson is the kind of guy I thought I liked because he took raw, sexual, drugged out pictures of people. I stole his book Terry World and thought he was authentic. When I found out that he was the Vice photographer, I lost all respect for him, because Vice is the biggest lie around, pretending to be core while being owned by Viacom and everything they do is for the advertiser…Maybe I am bitter because they never ran my how to fuck a hooker for free article.

Anyway, point being whether Terry Richardson is real, authentic or an artist or hack, it’s pretty clear he’s a cunt, but the kind of cunt who gets Lohan lookin’ slutty and a slutty Lohan is the Lohan I want to marry. Herpes and All…I am not just saying that Lohan has herpes to be a funny celebrity blogger, I am saying it because I overheard a Paris Hilton coversation one night when a friend of mine called her, outting Lohan for not telling people she has herpes. I wrote about it, but since no one reads the site, I guess no one noticed. Assholes.

Bonus – Some Old Nipple Slip

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