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I am – Kayle Cuoco’s Friend’s Nipple of the Day


I know who Kayle Cuoco is because her shitty teenage daughter show was on the one channel we get a few years ago. It was about dating a teenage daughter or something and was the set John Ritter had his heart stop on. I guess that’s not really the point. The point is that Kayle’s tag along friend, who I have no idea who she is, is rocking a sheer top with no bra. It makes me laugh at how competitive girls can be. They are always at each other’s throats all while pretending how much they love each other. If you don’t get where I am going with this, you are an idiot, but to drive the point home I will leave you with this…The Kayle Cuoco friend is trying to ride her friend’s “celeb” status and when it comes to landing an invite to some celeb event, she doesn’t wear a bra because nipples are the one way ticket to stardom, according to me, which isn’t saying much. I am typing with one eye open because I am drunk and very proud of my skills. Let’s Dance..

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