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I am – Charlotte Church Performing of the Day


The cool shit about Charlotte Church is that she has cankles. A woman with cankles is usually not seen as a cool thing until it comes to moving day and you need someone to help you carry down the heavy boxes or move the fridge if you are one of those rich people who owns a fridge. A solid grip on the floor is more than I can say for myself because I have vertigo and after living with a waste of space of a woman, seeing one who can lift gets me going….

I like that she is wearing bondage gear, pretending that she wasn’t banging a black dude and was more into white guys who cut themselves and like to get spanked, not that that is a bag thing.

I don’t think her banging the balck dude is bad, she’s thick and needs more dick that an white guy can off but I do think being a white dude who thinks he is black is bad because those are the guys who can’t handle me checking out their bitches while the black dudes are beggin me to so they get their cut.

I guess that could be seen as racist by it is 6 am and I don’t think racism exists before noon, it’s kinda like my drinking habits….If that didn’t make sense, I’d say I forgive you but know you aren’t reading this and I don’t blame you for that. Cuddles.

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