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I am – Goldie Hawn is Old and Saggy of the Day


It was table scrap Monday at the strip club. It’s the night all the bitches take off because Thursday thru Sunday night is good business and even then strippers need a little fucking downtime. We were warned by 2 dudes not to step into the bar because they only had 4 nasty whores on staff, but dude didn’t realize that that was what I was drawn to. I went to take a leak and overheard them talking about how they paid 1000 dollars each for a blowjob from one of the nasty whores working, so I had to explain that a solid street whore is a fraction of the price and sucks dick way better because they are usually missing teeth. It comes with meth addiction and bad hygiene but in all reality it doesn’t matter what causes it, what does matter is how close to heaven it feels.

Speaking of Heaven, based on Goldie Hawn’s tits, she’s on the highway to heaven, lookin at her is like counting the number of rings on a tree, it’s a pretty simple science and I’d still bang her if my dick wasn’t broke and broken.

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