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I am – Gemma Atkinson Bikini Pics of the Day


I know that I posted a link to these Gemma Atkinson Bikini pics in my stepLINKS, but her tits are MASSIVE and when I see big ol’ cans, I have no choice but to right click, save, open in photoshop, resize so that you can’t zoom in on her nipples and upload it here for 10 lame virgins to look at and send me hate mail about how they’ve been following Gemma Atkinson’s career for the last 10 years and that these pictures are actually 2 weeks old and I am a hack at what I do.

I never said that i wasn’t bad at this shit, I just can’t stop setting my stupid stories that no one reads. to celebrity and non celebrity tits, bikins, nipples, vaginas, etc. Especailly when the are of Gemma Atkinson…

I may not know who Gemma Atkinson is, but now I know her tits, breasts, nipples, cleavage, cans, knockers, jugs boobs.

This was my attempt at search engine optimization. How did it work for you.

Get all the High Quality Pics HERE

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  • Fucking HELL they’re nice teats. I’d give 9 pence to eat a parsnip off those!